Come and join us for our informal digital chats to introduce you to the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise, and bag your essential driving instructor accessory.

We hold regular virtual “meet and greet” sessions online, and you are very welcome to come along. As a way of thanks for your time, we will send you a complimentary sunglasses holder to use in your driving school car.

You may already have noticed that a large percentage of driving instructors that you see out and about giving driving lessons, use sunglasses. Maybe it is to shield the eyes from the constant glare of the sun, perhaps the sun rays bouncing off of the bonnet or through the front windscreen create an unconscious squinting of the eyes and as the day goes on, this squinting can cause fatigue. Who knows?! But one thing is for sure, you will be needing a very handy place to store your sunglasses as you show your pupils reference material within the car, or perhaps for eye contact to aid/develop effective communication.

Having sunglasses rattling around loose in the car can over time create micro scratches on the lenses. Loose items in the car sometimes make quiet but annoyingly regular rattling noises. And sometimes, perhaps the most irritating of all, we will not spot the sunglasses on the passenger seat and yes, sit on them as we get in the car!

Our online sessions are short, but to the point and all we ask is that you come and join us on two separate visits, before we automatically post this very handy driving instructor accessory.

You can also then claim full access to our ADI Forum, free to you for a full 30 days, so that you start to see the wonderful resource material that will then be at your fingertips. Our Forum is a private union of like-minded professionals, a secure environment and free from representatives from organisations that can often interfere and irritate trainee driving instructors.  It is also ad-free, with no annoying and distracting advertisement pop-ups. It offers you a safe, non-judgemental area to ask any of those seemingly silly questions that people are often too shy to ask. Many of the contributions you find within the Forum are referenced by data/policy from our regulator, the DVSA, so you can be assured that the information is accurate rather than mere speculation/opinion.

There are plenty of reasons for you to come and network with people interested in not just being a driving instructor but being a BIG TOM driving instructor. There is no obligation, we simply ask you to agree to a standard, often used, Non-Disclosure Agreement as the information we will provide you is sensitive. This agreement exists simply to protect our brand and creates no further obligation for you personally. You will soon start to learn of the range of benefits to joining our established driving school that will offer you genuine choice, not expensive monthly driving school vehicle payments.

Call us on 01928 508 833 and ask to join in a “Meet and Greet” – we will be very pleased to hear from you.