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2nd February 2021
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4th February 2021

Review your driving school franchise

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What is called for right now is some calm. We often give this advice to our pupils; we tell them to breathe deeply—time for us to heed some of our own advice. You can’t review your driving school franchise when your head is spinning.

It is very unsettling to leave a franchise that you have been with for a while. It feels like you are losing one of your arms.

Here are a few essential behaviours that are required in this period of turbulence.

There is no need to instantly react to this situation. We are still in lockdown; no-one is losing earning potential right now. So, no knee jerk reactions are needed here.

Beware the sharks! In times of high stress, the vulnerability risks are heightened, and as all of us know, there are plenty of organisations who are very good in the art of persuasion. Beware.

It is you who are in control of outcomes. There should be no sense of being pushed, squeezed, herded into a particular course of action. Sit back, now is the time to think, not act.
Business overview. This is the time to consider the good and/or bad points about your previous franchise. Draw up a list of positives and negatives. Be very clear about what it was in the conditions that you found were painful, and be prepared to treat this time as an opportunity to amend how your working day operates. There is no point in leaving one franchise, only to find very similar working practices with another – that is a wasted opportunity.

Be brave, be strong. You represent a valuable asset. You have skills, experience and understanding that are desired in the industry because demand is extremely high. This means that you can demand a package that reflects the times we are in. Don’t settle for second best, be brave, hold your ground, be strong.

Before you commit to any new franchise, have a solicitor check out the Franchise Agreement. Any reputable franchise should be advising you do precisely this. If you are finding they are very keen for you to sign a contract, that’s not a good sign of professionalism and integrity.