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2nd February 2021

No fixed franchise fee

franchise driving school car

You only pay as you earn

“The advantage of the BIG TOM Franchise model is that franchisees are not required to pay a franchise fee if they are not earning. No cash in, no cash out, you might say. There is currently a great deal of unrest in the driving school industry due to the fact the some large national franchises are continuing to charge their franchisees a weekly fixed fee despite the fact that the franchisees are prohibited from working due to the lockdown restraints imposed by the Government.

“The critical difference with the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise is that fees paid by franchisees are only triggered on the receipt of customer payments. If a franchisee wants a break for any reason, or perhaps becomes ill, then they can rest assured that they are not going to be expected to continue paying large fees. Our systems are automated so as to make for easy business operations but crucially, also to ensure things are fair. We have always said that we would not expect our franchisees to do anything that we would not do ourselves, and we stand by that.