The self-destruction of a driving training industry
20th January 2022
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4th March 2022

Intensive versus pay as you go

This video shows owner of BIG TOM franchise, Tom Ingram giving some context to how driving training has developed in recent years.  He goes on to explain the key differences relating to the efficiency of the learning experiences that pupils receive.  We hope you enjoy it and find the content useful 🙂

Why does some driving training in UK involve pay as you go driving lessons while other training is intensive driving courses?

Currently, what is the more practiced method of driving training and why?

Who benefits from accelerated learning programmes?

Why would a customer choose to an intensive driving course over pay as you go driving lessons?

Can all driving instructors provide driving training by both methods?

Who is creating the demand for each different method – driving instructors or pupils?

How do pupils improve?

With the different types of driving error made, is it always obvious what the key learning point is?

Owner of BIG TOM franchise